Do it Yourself Foot Spa

Do you have weary, painful feet? Your feet toil hard all day long, so they deserve a little pampering from time to time. But you may have put it on the back burner because of the expense involved in a spa pedicure. Why don’t you think about doing a foot spa at home for yourself? You almost certainly have all you need for a pedicure in your bathroom cupboard. Read these tips on how to give yourself a calming and reasonably priced foot spa.

Begin by letting your feet relax in warm water. In order to rid your feet of dry skin and to give them a relaxed feeling, soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes or so. What you need to soak your feet in is a good-sized plastic container. A great ingredient to soothe that rough skin on your feet is a cup of Epson salts in addition to the warm water. After this you should dry your feet thoroughly.

In order for your feet to look healthy, dead skin needs to be removed. After you soak your feet, there may be some loose, dead skin on your feet. Exfoliating your feet will be the most labor-intensive part of your home foot spa. Make sure to use a pumice stone or foot file to remove the dead skin from your feet. You can use an exfoliating foot ointment to aid in the exfoliating procedure if you like. Rinse feet and towel dry once all the dead skin is gone.

Moisturize your feet. The next step in your foot spa is to moisturize your feet. A strong moisturizer is best for your feet following a foot spa, but you’ll need to be able to sit for a while pending to it all soaking in. Most any type of moisturizer can work if you don’t have enough time for this. Apply cream to your ankles, calves and both feet.

Nails are an often overlooked area but they need regular attention.

Doing your toenails is by far the most creative part of your foot spa and should be done last. To begin, trim your fingernails across in a straight line, and remove old nail enamel. Begin by applying cuticle cream to your toe cuticles to soften them, then use your finger or a cuticle tool to push your cuticles back. Polish your toe nails with whatever color you desire. Start with a large strip of paint down the middle of the nail and after that fill in the sides to totally cover the nail with paint. Finally, apply a top coat to seal your polish and offer some protection; then let your nails dry for a minimum of 10 minutes.

In order to avoid spreading infection, you should remember to disinfect your foot spa tools each time that you use them.

Tiffany Provost writes about spa and personal care for