Maid of Honor Checklist


Along with your dress and a smile, a maid of honor checklist for a successful marriage. A wedding is one of the most important moments in people’s lives. This is more than a party – it’s about the wedding as perfect as possible. If you take too seriously, wedding planning and look at every possible need to play your part in helping the event go off without a hitch and can dance the night away.
One of the most important tasks a maid of honor was the groom to take care of the ring. This is not a romantic comedy that people do not laugh when you lose or damage the ring. Therefore it is imperative to secure the ring for the big day. This should be high on any maid of honor checklist.
At a wedding, the maid of honor of a bride-wing woman, or go-to person is. Therefore it is important to come prepared with any and all crisis situations. Bring all kinds of double sided tape, extra nylons or pantyhose, and extra bobby pins for fashion emergencies on a list of names and numbers of the wedding party and vendors in case there a catch with the wedding. A maid of honor is a lot like a superhero – she rushes in to smooth out any and all wedding-related folds, allowing the bride to enjoy her day.
If you are giving a speech, do not forget to bring it. It helps to bring along a few copies so you can grab them both to your checked baggage and hand luggage. If possible, bring back-up products such as back-up underwear, jewelry and shoes. In this way, if you break a heel or a chain, you have something else to see.In addition, this will ensure you can help the bride and other members of the wedding party when they experience such an event.

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